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The “Best Content” series brings you a handful of the most thought-provoking and informative articles and webinars related to technology marketing and branding published over the last year, broken down into bite-size pieces for your convenience.

1. Godless Barbarians at the Gates of IT
With the advent of new software like Dropbox, Mailchimp, Basecamp, and WordPress, comes a new market of IT users. But one journalist argues that new markets of solo IT buyers are in fact, “Godless Barbarians.” They think, buy, use tools and communicate with technology on a different level than those who came before them- and this trend will only continue into 2013. The increasing array of enterprise tools that oftentimes now go straight to the user has led to the consumerization of IT. This generation of buyers expects, and almost demands, immediate results and value from the software they use, even if they have no prior exposure to its interface. This intriguing article featured on Velocity Partners’ website addresses this fundamental question: how do tech companies market to a new generation of buyers, who are not only savvy but demand tools that are easy to use and instantly gratifying? Read the article.

2. Getting Sophisticated: What B2B Tech Marketers Must Learn from B2C
As users become increasingly accustomed to clean, user friendly, accessible technology experiences, marketers must change with the market to create more sophisticated and elegant marketing campaigns to appeal to a new generation of “Godless Barbarians,” as Skinner calls them. This article from Business2Community.com explains that B2B tech marketers should take a cue from B2C marketers, focusing more on the brand and less on the product in order to not only differentiate themselves, but to make the experience aesthetically pleasing. It isn’t enough to design for the expert user; marketers must design for all kinds of users. As the lines between personal and professional become blurred, the fact remains that its time to get more sophisticated. Read the article.

3. To BYOD or Not?
This article from ITP.net explores the BYOD revolution, and the problems that come along with it. With stats such as this, “Cisco has said that by 2015 the number of devices connected to IP networks will be twice as high as the global population…” companies must put security at the forefront. Some companies are banning the use of devices altogether, while others are implementing personal device security audits, or only allowing for certain higher-levels of staff to have device privileges. Making employees aware of the BYOD security risks is one strategy, however what larger solution must be reached for the sake of internal security? Read the article.

4. The Network Built for the Mobile Experience
This webinar from Cisco explores the challenges organizations face today as they look to accommodate the BYOD phenomenon. There is a growing need to maintain network security, uphold access policies and protect intellectual property. The mobility landscape is changing and companies like Cisco must help customers adapt seamlessly. In this webinar, Cisco executives share their point of view on the matter, noting that an effective mobility strategy should do more than just embrace personal devices.

5. B2B Content Marketing Trends for Tech Marketers
This webinar includes panelists who are writers and thought-leaders within the world of tech marketing, featuring a slideshow presentation as well as a question and answer segment. The webinar is based on a NetProspex report that surveyed 30,000+ members of the B2B technology marketing community on LinkedIn on the state of content marketing. Questions explored include how content marketing results are measured as well as what kind of content is working, and what is not. View the webinar below:

6. Digital Marketing Gets a Boost with Big Data
There’s a whole new ballgame happening in the world of digital marketing. This article from Technorati discusses the rise of ‘big data’ within the world of marketing, with the IDC estimating that by 2020, the total amount of electronically stored data will reach 35 trillion gigabytes. Technology marketing companies must take note of the revolution– by using advanced data analytics tools, marketers can take advantage of the now accessible data to understand how their campaigns are performing as well as tap into overlooked opportunities.

7. Agile Marketing and Rise of the Marketing Technologist
This article from ChiefMarketingTechnologist is based on a presentation from the ITSMA annual marketing conference. The article speaks to the rise of marketing as a strategic growth tactic among top companies, and the opportunity marketers have today to “master the challenges of speed and complexity” that come along with the ever-changing marketing landscape. It includes the slideshow presentation, highlighting 5 “meta trends” in marketing, and offers ideas and tactics on how to conquer these complexity challenges, ranging from the migration of media from traditional to digital to the convergence of marketing communications and customer experience. Read the article and view the presentation.

8. B2B Tech Marketers Ahead of the Content Marketing Curve
The title of this article from CMO.com says it all- when is comes to content development and social media sharing B2B tech marketers are ahead of the rest, as original content is becoming more and more essential to maintaining communications with customers as they attempt to properly disseminate content across various platforms. A focus on connections, thought leadership, and brand awareness are at the forefront of content marketing goals, rather than make sales. This article speaks to the importance of digital integration, cross-platform engagement and a range of other issues as content marketing is begins to evolve. Read the article.