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Transparency, engagement and conversation with customers: all are consistently championed by marketers, both business- and consumer-facing. So you might expect that crowdsourcing — seeking ideas, input or decisions from a large group of people — is an ideal way to involve customers and/or employees. But crowdsourcing can often backfire. To be sure crowdsourcing gives a positive result, establish “guide rails” to keep it in line with branding expectations. In a recent Forbes article, Howard Breindel offered three of the most important guide rails for making sure your crowdsourcing efforts stay on track.

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B2B Brand Voice in the Age of the Emoji

Exclamation points. Trending lingo. Emoji. When it comes to B2B brand voice, these may not be the first things that come to mind, but with the explosion of digital content and the increasing importance of social media in the B2B buying cycle, that’s rapidly changing. Many B2B companies are beginning to sound more and…

Strategic Storytelling: Using Video Successfully in B2B Branding

The need for powerful storytelling has become a common refrain among marketers as they think about how to better connect with audiences. With ever-increasing opportunities for brands and audiences to interact digitally, marketers know they need to find ways to cut through the noise and engage with audiences at a deeper level – and video…