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It’s been a little over a year since we launched our BrandEd blog. In that time we have focused on a range of topics specific to B2B branding and marketing – from advertising and online video to employee engagement, mobile marketing and social media. We’ve also taken a close look at branding and marketing trends in specific industries such as financial services, professional services and technology. As 2013 swings into full gear, we wanted to take a look back and see which topics have been most popular with readers. The most viewed posts represent an interesting mix of hot topics relating to new digital platforms (Pinterest, comes to mind here) as well as more traditional concepts (brand behavior, taglines) that form the foundation of any brand. Here are the top ten posts from 2012:

B2B Mobile Marketing: Key Differences for Smartphones vs Tablets
This post was inspired by the BYOD trend as well as the growing use of mobile devices among top executives and professionals as the primary way to consume content. This post provides a “B2B mobile marketing cheat sheet” noting key differences between smartphone and tablet platforms, and the effect these differences can have on a marketing campaign. Applications, advertising techniques, search, and mobile website optimization are the key areas explored here.

Taglines: The Hardest Working Words in Branding
Taglines – they’re an important expression of a brand, and communicate a unique value proposition with impact. This post provides examples of effective taglines as well difficulty creative strategists often encounter in developing a successful tagline.

Recruitment Videos: 5 Principles for Success
Recruitment videos are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way of communicating a company’s culture and brand to potential employees, helping recruits envision themselves at the firm. This post provides 5 principles for success in creating a recruitment video and provides some best practice examples.

Adapt or Die: The Consumerization Revolution in B2B Technology
What does the growing trend towards the “consumerization of IT” mean for the future of technology as it is used within the enterprise? This post explores what implications the BYOD revolution will have on the tech marketing industry as the individual, not the enterprise, becomes a key influencer in the buying process. B2B tech marketers will need to consider how to incorporate the end user into their next marketing campaign to find the right balance and succeed in the new landscape.

How Can a Corporate Brand Minimize ‘Key Man’ Risk?
Much has been written about ‘key man’ risk – the danger for corporations that rely on one or a few individuals – and its impact on business value. In this post, we examine ways in which top companies can build a brand that reflects a cohesive message, rather than the message of one. Some key questions are posed that top companies should ask themselves to ensure that their brand is built around a value proposition, ensuring long-term sustainability, rather than the individual in charge.

Rethinking Brand Identity After a Merger: A Visual History
As designers and strategists, we are always curious how firms align (or don’t align) their brand strategy with a new business strategy. In this post we examine a visual history of the evolution of professional services brands pre and post-merger.

Can CSR Impact Employees’ Perception About Their Workplace?
Employees represent the most powerful brand communications channel. To be true brand ambassadors, employees must feel a fundamental connection to the company’s vision and values. In this post, we explain why engaging employees in CSR activities can go a long way towards building that connection.

Brand Behavior: Does Your Company Walk the Walk?
Forgettable, generic, corporate — this is not the first impression any company wants to make. This post from highlights an important branding lesson for any firm: matching what you say about your brand with how you say it (your brand actions) is critical. Aligning brand behavior will ensure more effective communications and help the brand emerge even stronger after the transition.

Pinterest: The Next Big Thing in B2B Social Media Marketing
As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But it seems the online bulletin board site Pinterest, has brought new meaning to this idiom as more and more businesses are adopting the online forum as a way of categorizing, labeling, and presenting images as they relate to their brand and culture. This post examines how can B2B brands use this image-centric channel to their advantage.

Finding Your Content Niche From Within: The Opportunity for Professional Services Brands
Professional services firms are information gold mines, full of highly intelligent professionals with lots of real-world experience across a range of industries. In this post we explain why no matter what size your firm, the key to identifying your niche in content marketing is to leverage the amazing depth of human capital available to you to create truly unique content.