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In this day and age, there’s no question that social media acts as a valuable marketing tool for companies. Whether it’s engaging with customers and prospects, sharing insights and opinions, putting forth a brand message, or understanding how your audiences perceive your brand, platforms like Twitter offer the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge to help further your company’s growth and public perception. As a result of this, growing constituencies of developers are building tools to help companies gauge and evaluate these initiatives.

However, with such a breadth of tools available it’s difficult for companies to determine which tools are truly valuable and contribute to their growth on social media. Twitter has recognized this need for clarification and approval on the part of both developers and companies, and has recently announced the “Twitter Certified Products Program.” Its purpose is outlined on their official blog. “We hear continually from companies looking for tools to help them engage with customers, understand what people are saying about them on Twitter, and learn more about their followers so they can share more valuable, timely content.”

In order to further specify the types of products and services available to companies, the program has been broken down into three categories. The first is “engagement,” which are products that help companies get closer to customers on Twitter. The second category is “analytics,” allowing companies to measure activity on Twitter and offer insights into the conversations surrounding their brand. The third category is “data reseller,” which allows partners to have access to public tweets in order to build better products and services.

In addition to implementing this program, Twitter is also working closely with developers to ensure that the products being developed meet the needs of the companies, brands, publishers, and media partners involved. They also plan on continuing to add developers to the program as the field grows over time, and have so far certified twelve partners. Programs such as this one will not only provide marketers with more effective metrics, but will also allow more companies to develop effective and lasting social media campaigns.

Check out the list of partners below: