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The Influencers: CSR” is an aggregate of thought leaders who regularly share strategies and insights for increasing participation in and enhancing the long-term impact of corporate social responsibility programs.

As more and more companies are discovering CSR activities can build a stronger corporate culture, strengthen relationships with communities and cast a positive halo on the corporate brand.

As spectators and participants in the world of corporate social responsibility, we’ve created a twitter list of CSR Influencers, to go along with our Tech Influencers and Professional Services Influencers lists. Organizations like CSRWire provide updates regarding CSR and sustainability news and reports, JustMeans brands itself on Twitter as the “leading reporting, analytics, and communications platform for companies serious about social and environmental performance,” tweeting updates almost hourly. Thought leaders like Chris Jarvis of RealizedWorth help major corporations launch strategic volunteer programs, and uses his personal Twitter account to provide insights on how to use social media to promote CSR campaigns, among other topics.

We hope you find the list helpful for enhancing the long-term success and impact of your firm’s CSR activities.