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“The Influencers: Professional Services Marketing” is an aggregate of marketing strategy, business insights and industry trends for marketers in the Accounting, Legal Services and Management Consulting fields.

Recently, we published our Twitter list for Tech Marketers, and based on the response, we’ve gone ahead and done the same for Professional Services marketers.

For those of you unfamiliar with the platform, a Twitter list is an aggregate of Twitter users, grouped together under any chosen set of criteria. Our criteria here, for the list “The Influencers: Professional Services Marketing” are writers, publications, prominent executives, and companies leading the professional services industry, including those from management consulting, legal services, and accounting. Professionals use the platform as a means of sharing their CSR efforts, as well as a way of engaging with employees and prospective clients. Between news and insights from within the industry, this list is intended to keep professional services marketers ahead of the curve.

In this list, we’ve included writers from the New York Times and Forbes, publications such as the Harvard Business Review, and marketing executives from leading firms such as PwC and Deloitte, just to name a few. Again, this will be an ever-evolving list updated as influencers come and go so you’re always in the loop.