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One of the most common objections we hear during rebranding initiatives with professional services firms is, “This is a people business. Why do we need a brand?” Senior partners and “star” consultants or lawyers assume that their clients are buying them – their knowledge, their expertise, their charisma. But in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace, relying solely on relationships to grow your reputation and your business is no longer enough — and may be a risky approach.

In this Forbes article, Howard Breindel explains why people-driven businesses can’t ignore their brand.

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Chemistry and Beyond: Three Keys to a Successful CMO-Branding Agency Relationship

Our co-CEO, Howard Breindel, recently examined a critical factor that’s often overlooked when it comes to executing a successful rebrand: the relationship between the branding agency and the CMO. Beyond solid research, stellar creativity, a strategic launch plan, it is the quality of this relationship that can determine a brand’s success or…

Why Purpose Matters for Growing Companies

In business, growth is more than important – it’s essential. But chasing annual revenue and profit goals, whether by building upon existing relationships or expanding into new markets, can sometimes come at the expense of a company’s core position in the marketplace: its brand.
A shared purpose after extending offerings
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