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Companies with strong brands are setting the pace in the B2B marketplace. Their success is driven, in part, because they focus less on the prospect and more on the customer. Instead of positioning their brands in the minds of their customers, they position their brands in the lives of their customers. In a recent Forbes article, Howard Breindel looked at how these approaches are different — and why that difference is critical for B2B brands.

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Can Your B2B Brand Benefit from a Talk Trigger?

What’s a talk trigger, and how can a company use one to strengthen its brand and drive business? Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin, co-authors and marketing experts, tackle this phenomenon in their aptly-titled book Talk Triggers, which demonstrates the importance of word-of-mouth marketing through a diverse collection of case studies…

Strategic Storytelling: Using Video Successfully in B2B Branding

The need for powerful storytelling has become a common refrain among marketers as they think about how to better connect with audiences. With ever-increasing opportunities for brands and audiences to interact digitally, marketers know they need to find ways to cut through the noise and engage with audiences at a deeper level – and video…