Brand Measurement or Valuation

A brand isn’t what you say about yourself – it’s what your most important audiences say and think about you. As with any critical business asset, brand equity must be continually monitored and measured to maximize the value of its contribution to the success of your enterprise.


Rebranding a payments technology pioneer to confront market disruptors

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Insights on Brand Measurement or Valuation

CMOs and CIOs: Partners in the New Digital Customer Experience

Smart companies have moved beyond comparing budgets and are instead focused on collaboration and information-sharing between marketing and IT, as both are key to what is becoming critical to businesses – the customer’s experience.

Five Signs that It’s Time to Refresh Your B2B Brand

In reviewing branding projects that DeSantis Breindel has worked on over the years, we noticed five warning signs our clients have encountered when coming to us for help. Howard Breindel details these five scenarios.

For M&A Success, Put Branding in the Feedback Loop

For a branding and marketing firm charged with creating a new brand for a newly combined entity, working effectively with an IMO is crucial — but not always easy. The IMO and the branding firm will most often work on parallel paths. But it is critical that they work in harmony, with frequent touchpoints along the way.