Brand differentiation

In a table-stakes world, a compelling and consistent point of view can create differentiation and provide sustainable competitive advantage. A point of view is bigger than any single product or service: it is your purpose, your belief, your why. It is the lens through which you communicate to all audiences.

Thornton Tomasetti

Giving a powerhouse engineering firm a new brand to propel their expanded service offering

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Insights on Brand Differentiation

Creating a Differentiated Professional Services Brand

Tried-and-true messages are no longer enough to attract attention and create differentiation in professional services. The answer is simple: create a brand.

Brand Differentiation: From Tangibles to Intangibles

How one company moved its messaging from “what we do” to “why we do it”—an ownable positioning in a crowded marketplace.

What to Do When “Innovation” Is no Longer Innovative

Today, innovation is everywhere we look, and in this fast-paced and increasingly digital world, we don’t just embrace it – we expect it. Recognizing this, brands have jumped on the opportunity to signal to their audiences that they, too, are innovators. But when everyone’s talking about innovation, branding and messaging around it can easily fall flat – and we see this all too often in the B2B space.