Sales force empowerment

Your brand is born in the boardroom but comes to life in the field. It’s vital to enable your sales force with the most powerful tools to communicate who you are, what you do, and why you’re better than the competition – with clarity and consistency at every touchpoint.

Zelis Healthcare

Uniting four healthcare technology players under a new, unified brand.

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Insights on Sales Force Empowerment

Enabling Sales after a Merger or Acquisition

When an organization undergoes a merger or acquisition, the sales department needs to build client trust in the new entity – and fast. To do this, they need to not just understand the purpose of the new organization and how it can provide greater value to clients; they also need to be inspired by the vision and understand how it can make them more successful. In other words, they need a strong brand to get behind – and it can be the difference between M&A success or failure.

How Research Contributes to Employee Buy-In

Despite what some may think, internal research is just as important as external research to the success of any branding initiative. Brands are built from the inside out, and research into what resonates internally can go a long way towards generating buy-in and rallying sales teams and other employees around a brand. By running surveys that gauge internal perceptions – rather than simply assuming you know what employees are thinking – you’ll be able to inspire your sales team around a brand message that they’ll want to take to clients.

Turning Sales Teams into Brand Ambassadors

In an ideal world, sales teams would be any B2B organization’s most enthusiastic brand ambassadors. But in in the real world, where B2B sales are largely relationship driven, convincing sales teams that brand can empower them to do their jobs better is easier said than done – no matter how critically important it is to a firm’s success. To convince your sales force that brand is a powerful sales tool, take a practical, benefit-led approach that includes brand education, immersion, and materials that they can use with prospects right away.