Market Expansion

What got you here won’t necessarily get you there. To enter a new region, vertical or horizontal, you must first determine whether your current B2B brand will resonate with a new audience, and can stretch to move your organization ahead without diluting your current brand equity.

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Insights on Market Expansion

Why a Brand’s Purpose Matters as Business Evolves

Growth is essential to business, but sometimes pursuing revenue and profit goals can come at the expense of brand. It’s a familiar problem: a brand message tailored for a new reality is at odds with with what an existing client base wants to hear. In this situation, a brand needs to get beyond the nuts and bolts of what it offers to a deeper story that communicates a higher purpose and gives B2B buyers – both new and existing – a compelling reason to believe.

Should a Rebrand Be Part of Your Growth Strategy?

As you take on new markets, the brand that got you to where you are today may not be the brand you need to drive success tomorrow. While the decision to rebrand can be a tough one, in a world that’s constantly moving, a brand cannot sit still. As your company evolves, your brand needs to adapt as well, and internal and external research is critical for effective, meaningful change.

How to Factor Investors into Your Story

It’s a common conundrum for any B2B company considering going public: how to make a client-centric brand resonate with an entirely new audience — investors. For example, that obsessive, hands-on customer service you provide? While it may be a message that works well for clients, investors will see “high touch” and think “high cost” (and low margins). The key is finding a brand foundation that contains a vision for investors and a value proposition for customers that complement one another.