Market Expansion

What got you here won’t necessarily get you there. To enter a new region, vertical, or horizontal, you must first determine whether your current brand will resonate with a new audience, and can stretch to move your organization ahead without diluting your current brand equity.

The brand implications of entering a new market are multi-faceted. Does your brand as currently constituted have “permission” to enter this market, or will it need to adapt … or even change completely? Will your brand architecture need to evolve to accommodate the expansion? What if any reputational risks does the new market present? These and many other questions need to be addressed as you prepare to enter a new market.

Some of Our Clients

Insights on Market Expansion

As Tech and Consulting Merge, Is Your Brand Still Relevant? 

For all consulting firms, it is critical that any change in business strategy is supported by a change in brand strategy. Only when the two align will firms be able to truly capitalize on the evolving technology-consulting landscape and achieve growth goals.

Branding B2B Companies in a Global Marketplace

When we work with a client entering a new market, one of the first things we hear is that the company stands for different things in different countries – and therefore no single brand can possibly resonate globally. Is this true? Howard Breindel looks at the ways a global brand can help or hurt B2B company success.