Customer Experience Design

Achieve ROI well beyond what marketing efforts alone can deliver through a strategic, holistic approach to customer experience design. We help you innovate at the touchpoints that matter most to your customer by using your brand as a lens, resulting in more relevant, differentiated and engaging experiences that drive choice, deepen loyalty and inspire advocacy.


Reinventing an energy conservation company’s customer experience to match its new tech-powered brand.

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Insights on Customer Experience Design

From Customer Experience to Client Experience

We often hear CEOs complain that they commissioned a powerful new brand, only to discover that it had little measurable impact on the success of their company. And they feel, with some justification, that they did everything right. What’s missing most of the time in these situations is the client: how is the client “experiencing” the brand?

Great Expectations: Why Customer Experience Should be Brand-Driven, Not Technology-Driven

Customer expectations for a seamless, relevant and engaging experience have never been higher. It’s tempting to focus on the latest technology as a solution, but your brand may be the missing ingredient you need to ensure that your customer experience is distinctive and meaningful enough to drive choice, loyalty and advocacy over the long term.

Experience is the New Marketing: 5 Must-Reads on Customer Experience

Staying on top of the latest content about customer experience is a daunting task. To save you some time (and frustration), here is a short list and concise summaries of some of the articles we believe you will find most valuable.