According to Harvard Business Review, an inability to properly define and activate the going-forward brand is a key reason that between 70 and 90 percent of mergers and acquisitions fail. One study found that companies that created a new brand following a merger or acquisition outperformed market expectations, while those that proceeded with business as usual (or operated under one of the legacy brands) significantly underperformed. 

A strong new brand, built on a robust foundation of positioning and messaging, can translate the financial strategy behind a merger into a compelling value proposition for customers—one that unites the merged cultures under one umbrella and give all key audiences a “reason to believe” that the new entity will benefit them. 

As a merger and acquisitions branding agency, we partner to build brands that drive value creation by celebrating each new entity’s enhanced offerings and its new position in the marketplace.

Let us work with your integration team to communicate a stronger value proposition post-merger. With years of experience navigating M&A branding challenges, we focus not only on aligning brand strategy with your new business strategy but uniting your employees behind the company’s new vision and purpose.