Merger & Acquisition Branding

Mergers, acquisitions, product launches, geographic expansion: growth can take many forms. Investments in growth must be supported by an equal commitment to your brand. Unifying your brand at these critical inflection points will ensure that you maximize the value of your investment, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

CarePoint Health

Powerfully connecting with consumers and caregivers following a merger of three hospitals.

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Insights on Merger & Acquisition Branding

The Unifying Power of a Corporate Brand

A common challenge for many firms post-merger is a lack of knowledge about newly acquired products and services. Here’s how to overcome this major impediment to successful synergies.

Stronger Together: How Brand Drives M&A Success

Following a merger or acquisition, a brand empowers a business to translate the strong financial and strategic rationale of the transaction into a value proposition for employees and customers. Both during and after the deal, decision makers should consider how they can leverage brand to create value.

Post-Merger Branding: Good on Paper Isn’t Good Enough

Mergers and acquisitions are most often viewed from a financial perspective. However, as brand strategists, we have seen firsthand that success often relies on less tangible factors, chiefly a rationalized workforce that understands the how’s and the why’s of the merger – and what it means for customers. In other words, success in M&A requires a hard look at brand.