Absolute Software

Creating a transformational new brand for a global cybersecurity technology provider.

Absolute’s data security software dominates the educational market. To build on this success, the company had developed an aggressive growth strategy aimed at penetrating untapped markets, including health care and financial services, where data is mission-critical and regulations require enhanced security measures and reporting. However, Absolute’s legacy value proposition, based on device recovery following theft or loss, needed to adapt for the corporate market, where protecting data is far more important than retrieving laptops and smartphones.

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A higher level of confidence.

Research revealed that Absolute’s chief competition wasn’t other software vendors. Rather, it was a false sense of security among corporate IT executives that encryption and passwords were sufficient to protect their precious data. The new brand focuses on the positive benefit Absolute delivers: greater confidence to take a company’s business anywhere in the world. This new brand repositions Absolute not as a replacement for existing security software but rather as an additional layer of security that provides an added degree of confidence.

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Opening Doors.

We partnered with Absolute’s CMO to launch the new brand to employees in a global all-hands event. The market launch followed, with an integrated advertising campaign that delivered a message of empowerment. The new campaign, reflecting a more sophisticated offering with a value proposition that speaks directly to the aspirations of the C-suite, is gaining traction in both financial services and health care.

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