Reinventing an energy conservation company’s customer experience to match its new tech-powered brand.

As the nation’s leading energy conservation company, Cenergistic (formerly Energy Education), was determined to expand into new industries beyond its core education market. A rebranding positioned the company as a tech- and data-powered company with a unique methodology for saving energy. Delivering on this positioning not only required a completely new strategic approach for its messaging and visuals, but also a strategy for bringing the brand to life at every customer touchpoint.

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A complete reinvention.

Infusing Cenergistic’s new hi-tech and hi-touch brand throughout the entire customer journey required a deep understanding of what prospects and customers needed and wanted from the company. What information do prospects care about? How can Cenergistic empower existing customers to truly understand its technology and data tools and apply them to new energy-conservation behaviors? The solution was a complete reinvention of the entire sales and service delivery model.

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A re-imagined customer experience drives growth.

Today, Cenergistic instills its data-centered brand into every aspect of the customer journey. For example, a consultative sales process now includes an interactive lead qualification tool that immerses prospects in Cenergistic’s approach through video testimonials targeted to their specific region and interests. A new customer portal underscores the company’s technology-powered methodology with each log-in and features data visualization tools that reinforce the new brand positioning. Following the launch of an optimized customer engagement experience, the company’s close rate has increased and sales have grown among larger clients in new verticals.

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