Creating a new brand and name for an energy innovator  

The creation of a stand-alone U.S. district energy company, the result of a spin-off from Canadian-based Enwave, required an entirely new brand, including a new name. The new U.S. company delivers resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable energy to over 340 clients in eight cities across eight states.

CenTrio brand logo

Facing an eight-week deadline for the launch of the U.S. business, DeSantis Breindel moved quickly to position the new company for success. We created a new name, CenTrio, that reflects both the centrality of energy to customers and the company’s three core offerings: heating, cooling, and energy. It also suggests the “trio” of benefits the company offers: reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

CenTrio brand design 1
CenTrio brand design 2

The brand strategy offers a deeper value proposition than just delivering energy solutions; it communicates that CenTrio empowers clients such as municipalities, universities, and medical centers to deploy the savings generated from its solutions to achieve their mission. This empowerment idea is captured in an inspiring rallying cry, “Discover the Freedom to Do More,” that encourages prospective customers to see CenTrio as more than a utility.

CenTrio brand design 3

The new visual identity conveys optimism and innovation. Dynamic graphic elements suggest both CenTrio’s underlying business and the close alignment of the company with its clients’ mission.

CenTrio brand design 4
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