Reinventing a trade association to resonate with an evolving membership landscape 

CTIA is the Washington D.C.-based association representing the wireless industry on Capitol Hill. As wireless transforms every facet of our lives, from connected cars to the Internet of Things, CTIA needed to expand its membership beyond its traditional base of carriers and equipment makers.

CTIA Brand Image

A Catalyst for Innovation.

Research among policy makers and industry leaders revealed that while CTIA was a respected voice in Washington, it was largely unknown in adjacent markets, including among app developers in Silicon Valley, a key target. The association needed to demonstrate that it could connect younger companies with established wireless players to forge alliances that spur innovation.

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CTIA Brand Image

Everything Wireless.

The new brand, encapsulated in the phrase “Everything Wireless,” positions CTIA as a catalyst for innovation not only within the wireless industry itself but in industries that rely on wireless technology to develop new products. The CTIA brand personality is younger and more tech-savvy than the usual association brand, and has enabled CTIA to penetrate markets beyond its long-term base.

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