Cure Violence

Preparing an innovative not-for-profit for their next phase of growth 

Cure Violence has a unique approach to reducing urban violence, particularly gang violence: treat it as a health care issue, an “epidemic” that can be “cured” much like an outbreak of disease. After demonstrating the success of this innovative epidemiological approach, the organization, with funding from major national foundations, prepared to replicate the model in cities across America and globally.

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Lack of understanding.

Research interviews with a diverse range of influencers, including law enforcement, policymakers, health care leaders and community activists, revealed that the organization’s approach wasn’t always fully understood – though its results were very much appreciated. At the same time, the organization’s fear-based branding neither reflected nor supported the positive outlook of the organization’s staff and volunteers.

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From fear to hope.

We developed a brand focused on optimism rather than fear. Language and imagery, which used to convey a sense of menace and alarm, now communicate hope and success. As part of the rebranding, we developed a new name for the organization, originally known as CeaseFire: the new name, Cure Violence, embodies the aspirational, positive nature of the new brand. Today, Cure Violence is at work in more than fifty sites around the world, and is expanding rapidly.

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