ENGIE Impact

Unifying four companies to create one sustainable brand 

ENGIE is a multinational utility company with roots going back to the construction of the Suez Canal. They set out to launch a new practice group positioned to lead sustainability transformation for businesses and municipalities. This new sustainability-focused brand would be a merger of strategic assets across the ENGIE portfolio, including Tractebel’s advisory and analytics division and ENGIE Insight—the sustainability management and implementation arm of ENGIE.

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The Challenge: Build a Powerful, Standout Brand with Limited Time

ENGIE came to us at a significant moment of change. With limited time until launch, DeSantis Breindel set out to quickly build an emotionally powerful brand, one that could cut across organizational and geographic boundaries to unify and rally diverse stakeholders. With a well-established competitive set—the company’s peers are some of the largest consulting companies in the world—we knew the brand needed to stand out with a meaningful and compelling message.

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The Solution: A Name and Brand to Match an Urgent Mission

With a new name—ENGIE Impact—the organization was poised to embrace a disruptive brand message. In a marketplace full of cold facts and figures, DeSantis Breindel worked with the client to articulate the heart of the issue: This cause is too important to be brushed aside or put on the back burner. The future can’t wait.

With this sense of urgency, we developed the brand essence line: “Right Now. For Tomorrow.” Building on the brand strategy, we designed a new website, leveraging bold imagery and an engaging graphic treatment to enable ENGIE Impact to tell its new story in a more emotive fashion. Vast scenic landscapes represent the sweeping work the company does to protect generations to come, and the iconography and graphic styles reflect the brand’s drive to transform the future.

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