Reintroducing a legacy outsourcing player as a next-gen transformation partner

EXL is a leading analytics and operations management provider with more than 30,000 employees around the world and particular strength in the insurance, financial, and logistics spaces. Although the company has one of the world’s most advanced analytics practices in the world, and strong digital capabilities, it was still known for its legacy “lift and shift” outsourcing business.

man with glasses overlaid print reads "digital intelligence"

A unique combination.

We learned that clients appreciate the power of EXL’s AI, robotics and advanced analytics solutions. But what they truly admire about EXL is the expertise of the company’s people. Because digital transformation is not one-size-fits all, only deep vertical knowledge—like the kind mastered by EXLers—can provide the context needed to successfully apply digital solutions.

An equation for success.

The new EXL brand is built on the idea that transformation requires human ingenuity and machine intelligence. We called this combination EXL’s Digital Intelligence. To help our clients express this concept, we created comprehensive messaging guidelines, tailored to work across audiences and platforms.

equation: human element times technology element equals real results

The X Factor.

Employee engagement is important for all brands, but for EXL it is especially important, since its human talent is a critical component of its differentiation. DeSantis Breindel created and executed “Be the X Factor,” an internal campaign that excited staff about the EXL rebrand and educated them about how to express it in their day-to-day work. We even helped our client team start a Digital Intelligence awards program to honor its global employees.

EXL Branding
web page man sitting at computer overlaid words "be the x-factor"
exl digital intelligence home page shown on desktop, woman with glasses

A bold digital experience.

EXL’s new brand launched alongside a vibrant, responsive, modern new website designed by DeSantis Breindel. It uses the brand’s design language to showcase EXL’s strengths through video, case studies, and more. To better reflect the new brand, the site’s insights page was renamed the Intelligence Center. We worked closely with the client to develop a thought leadership series that demonstrates how EXL’s invaluable domain expertise creates better digital transformation results.

examples of web page for exl digital intelligence
Exl imagery toolkit with hands in one image, small images of people using program