Creating a powerful brand for a global consulting firm to benefit customers and investors 

ICF, a global consulting firm, had expanded exponentially in recent years through acquisitions and organic growth. Along the way, ICF evolved from a mostly government-focused firm to one that serves both commercial and public-sector clients. The acquisition of a major marketing communications agency significantly expanded ICF presence in the rapidly growing digital communications arena. Unifying these seemingly disparate businesses required a powerful and engaging new brand.

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Imagining the possibilities.

Research revealed that ICF is most admired for its ability to translate its clients’ highest aspirations into reality. Whether through highly focused, very technical consulting, or through award-winning digital communications, ICF contributes to outcomes that are hugely transformative for clients in all sectors, public and private. The new brand, crystalized in a powerful phrase, “Let’s Make Big Things Possible,” carves out a defensible position among a crowded field of pure strategy firms and niche-focused technology and digital players.

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Specialized expertise. Important outcomes.

The new brand, launched through a global employee engagement program and in an external marketing campaign, energized the entire company. Employees now understand how their expertise, no matter how specialized, contributes to significant and important outcomes. Clients increasingly recognize that ICF is the partner of choice when they need to implement their most ambitious goals.

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