Unearthing a leading legal firm’s ingenuity and true difference in the marketplace 

As one of the leading labor and employment (L&E) law firms in the world, Littler became known for their size and scale—no one could match their ability to deliver on the hyper-specific needs of their clients. But that oversimplified and limited their brand, leaving out the ingredient that makes Littler unique: true innovative thinking. With a focus on differentiation, we unearthed the Littler story: a firm delivering ingenuity inspired by the needs of their clients.

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Littler had established itself as one of the leading labor and employment (L&E) law firms in the world.

Despite being a pioneer not just in L&E but also in leveraging technology to deliver better legal services, Littler struggled to articulate the value of its innovative practices, and fell back on a list of products and services that didn’t tell a cohesive story.

Absent a compelling story, the “Littler difference” was often reduced to its sheer size and scale—important attributes, but not enough to establish a brand in and of themselves.

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With a singular focus on labor and employment law, Littler is able to leverage that depth of experience to meet the hyper-specific needs of its clients, providing the right solution, no matter what L&E issue they face.

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How Littler does what it does is where its real difference comes out. With bold thinking that rejects the status quo and strives to find better solutions by bringing together bright minds and groundbreaking technology, Littler leverages innovation to benefit its clients.

And in an industry rife with claims of “innovation,” at Littler, it’s about a completely different approach to the practice of law, with ingenuity driving the way they think about problems, the way they leverage creativity, the courage they bring to be out ahead of the pack with new ways of working and shaping the industry. It’s not about innovating for innovation’s sake. Everything they do is inspired by the needs of their clients.

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