Unifying a global consulting firm after multiple mergers with an impactful new brand  

The company needed to stake out a unique position within this crowded competitive landscape, where the marketplace was either unaware of the firm or confused about what it stood for. Employees, many of whom came to Navigant through multiple mergers and acquisitions, including a recent game-changing acquisition in the healthcare outsourcing business, also needed a cohesive value proposition to rally around.

Navigant arrow and tagline

From direction to destination.

Marketplace research and a series of immersion workshops with company leaders revealed that the market was segmented between pure strategy firms and implementation specialists. Although Navigant offers a strategic solution, it also employs professionals with deep implementation experience, providing the credibility needed to build a position around strategy as well as execution. The new brand immediately claims unoccupied perceptual territory and communicates a powerful point of differentiation.

Nagivant hanging poster advertisement

Building clarity, cohesion and visibility.

We recommended a synchronized advertising and digital marketing program to enable Navigant to quickly build visibility within target markets. The program empowered the company’s CMO and team to instill a unified value proposition across all communications, combining strategy and implementation, that embraces its legacy consulting business as well as its newly-acquired outsourcing subsidiary. A user-centric microsite served as a thought leadership hub that connected prospects with Navigant’s fresh thinking and unique perspective on the most pressing healthcare issues impacting their business.

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