Rebranding a digital security provider as a bold leader for financial service institutions 

OneSpan (previously VASCO) had built a strong reputation in a narrow space: providing user authentication tools for financial service institutions in Europe. With its offerings expanding—thanks to both organic growth and a major acquisition—the organization needed a new brand to highlight the power of its combined portfolio and position it more broadly as a leading digital security and e-signature provider.

OneSpan Brand Image

Be Bold

Competitive research revealed a security landscape overrun with fear-based messaging. By focusing instead on empowerment, this company could stand apart, emphasizing its role as a catalyst for positive digital transformations.

Stakeholder research uncovered the deeper needs of customers and prospects. They told us they were confused by the company’s offering architecture, which encompassed a profusion of brands. They also noted that messaging focused on product attributes rather than their business needs.

In response, we developed streamlined master-brand architecture that aligned the company’s solutions with what customers actually seek.  We also recommended a new name, OneSpan, to more clearly communicate what the company does while organizing its proliferating solutions set under one unifying umbrella.

OneSpan Brand Image
OneSpan Brand Image
OneSpan Brand Image

Be Secure

The new brand recommitted the company to pioneering the seamless security solutions that underpin clients’ transformative business moves. It now creates strong bonds with customers, both emotional and intellectual, by conveying clear empathy for what they really need: the confidence to take bold risks that move their business forward.

With deep expertise in regulated industries and a hyper focus on the end-user experience, OneSpan enables its clients to provide exceptional—and secure—digital interactions for their customers, regardless of industry. The brand’s updated messaging emphasizes how OneSpan’s rock-solid security and onboarding solutions empower even the most highly-regulated companies to create the stellar customer experiences that build lasting loyalty.

With its new name, clear messaging, streamlined product architecture, new website and exciting, modern visual system, OneSpan’s brand identity came to match its future-focused strategy.

OneSpan Brand Image
OneSpan Outdoor Display Advertising