Launching a breakthrough financial product in a highly competitive marketplace 

ProShares, a top-ten ETF provider, was preparing to launch ALTS, a first-of-its kind solution combining seven individual ETFs in one to provide exposure to all major alternatives asset classes. The allocation of ETFs within ALTS was to be directed by Morningstar, the global leader in investment research and management.

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Make it simple.

The ALTS brand translates a complex concept into an easy to understand and highly reassuring value proposition that gets to the root of what makes ALTS unique: it’s an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need to invest in – and allocate among – multiple products. Captured in a simple, persuasive statement – The ONE – the new brand is supported by a striking visual treatment that references the well-known Morningstar brand.

alts webpage on mobile device
Alts webpage on mobile device
Alts magazine advertisement
Alts web advertisement

Hit the ground running.

The product launch adopted a channel strategy that targeted financial advisors rather than investors themselves, empowering FAs with a microsite that offered information and sales tools for explaining and selling ALTS to their clients. Backed by a product-specific brand deployed through a targeted channel strategy, ALTS exceeded volume expectations in the six months since its IPO.

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