Quaker Houghton

Forging a shared future for two long-time, global competitors 

When their merger was announced, Quaker Chemical and Houghton International were both global leaders in industrial fluids. To succeed as one firm, the combined company needed a value proposition that could demonstrate to the marketplace that this merger was more than a financial transaction; it was a union of two committed partners now even better positioned to add value to their global customer base.

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From selling products to partnering with solutions.

Global market research in eight languages revealed that quality products and superb service are table stakes. What customers of both companies were looking for was expertise: deep knowledge of their mission-critical processes and continually enhanced solutions with the potential to make them more successful. The new brand is built around the knowledge and ingenuity of the people of the combined company, a unique position in an industry focused on product specs and performance metrics.

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Forward Together.

Every aspect of the new brand, including the new logo, emphasizes a spirit of partnership. The company’s foremost commitment is to the success of its customers, which they enable by applying deep understanding of their business processes and a relentless drive to innovate.

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