Repositioning a cybersecurity innovator to capture market share from legacy firms 

SailPoint disrupted the fast-growing identity and access management industry with a superior product and singular focus that contrasted sharply with the inferior and ineffective solutions offered by large IT providers.

sail point advertisement
Sail Point advertisement

Identity counts.

Despite its position as the worldwide industry leader, the company struggled to connect with a significant portion of the market: large corporate buyers who did not prioritize identity management as a critical IT need. SailPoint needed a brand that would illuminate the importance of identity management while cementing SailPoint’s role as a leader in this space.

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Accelerating business.

The new SailPoint brand is built around the notion of what companies can achieve when they harness the full power of identity. By positioning identity management as a business accelerator – rather than simply a cost of doing business – the SailPoint brand brings to life the ways companies can take advantage of growth opportunities, embrace new technologies, forge new partnerships, and expand to new markets with complete confidence in the security of their most important assets.

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The “power of identity” concept informs the entire new brand, from audience-segmented messaging to a powerful design language that spotlights the power of identity to transform security into a lever for business success.

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