Snowden Lane

Branding a new approach to wealth management.

Snowden Lane is a wealth management firm founded by the former leadership team of Merrill Lynch’s private client group. The new firm needed a brand that could attract high-performing financial advisors and convince nervous investors to trust their assets to an unknown firm.

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Declaring independence.

Research reveals that high-performing financial advisors valued most was independence – the opportunity to serve their clients the way they wanted to, without the pressure to push proprietary products. Investors were loyal to their advisors, not to the institution that employed their advisors, and their expectations of the new firm were surprisingly aligned. Advisors as well as investors needed reassurance that the new firm’s infrastructure could support in-depth reporting and flawless trade execution.

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Free to do what’s right.

The new brand is based on freedom. Advisors who join Snowden Lane get the freedom to operate in a client-first environment. Investors who move their assets from the large global platforms to Snowden Lane enjoy freedom from the pressure to buy high-fee, proprietary products. The visual brand distinguishes Snowden Lane from global behemoths through a bright, open design and an unexpected color palette.

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