This is Capitalism

Launching a content campaign designed to change the conversation about capitalism 

To draw attention to its brand, which emphasizes the independent spirit that has made them one of America’s most admired financial services companies, Stephens Inc. launched a branded content campaign showcasing the contribution of great American capitalists to progress and prosperity.

branding for This is capitalism
illustrations of six different people

Each film profiles an individual whose independent spirit led to a significant breakthrough. The stories align with the Stephens “Capitalize on Independence” brand while emphasizing that capitalism, which is viewed unfavorably by a growing number of millennials, is closely aligned with entrepreneurialism and social progress.

capitalism branded content website

“This Is Capitalism” is an expanding platform for a wide range of content, including additional films, podcasts and written material, that together make a compelling case for capitalism as an engine of progress. Thanks to the campaign, Stephens executives are now sought-after speakers on the subject of capitalism and the independent spirit that drives progress.

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