West Monroe

Building an "undeniably different" consulting brand in an industry of behemoths 

Despite a powerfully differentiated offering and a track record of delivering game-changing results for clients, West Monroe was too often considered the “best kept secret” in the consulting world. Over the years, they had developed two brands – one for clients, and one for employees – that, while strong, came at the expense of one singular, powerful brand voice. Competing in a land of giants, it was critical that they push past the reputation and relationships of the industry’s most significant players to establish a cohesive story and value proposition that would help them to truly stand out.

West Monroe Brand Image

Through research, it became very clear that West Monroe was a different kind of consultancy. While competitors had expanded their offerings to include technology, this often felt like an add-on rather than something integral to their identity. By contrast, West Monroe had been built with technology at its core, and these digitally-native roots were a powerful commodity in this digitally-focused world.

Another key differentiator was their focus on employees. As an employee-owned organization with a true people-first approach, there was an opportunity for West Monroe to showcase their teams and their culture, in an industry where the human side of consulting was often lacking.

West Monroe’s ultimate differentiator – and the key to the brand – lay in how they leverage their strengths to deliver real, quantifiable results for clients. Too often in the consulting world, ROI pales in comparison to fees paid. West Monroe could stand out with its commitment to driving measurable financial value.

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West Monroe Website Design
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West Monroe’s new brand looked to do justice to those differentiators as well as that ultimate focus on value, as encapsulated by its brand essence, “Undeniably Different. Undeniable Results.” The brand platform built out this message to clients, prospects, and employees, codified a bolder brand voice, and acted as the basis for a powerful new visual identity.

From this foundation, we rebuilt the West Monroe website to create an experience that was differentiated, cohesive, and intuitive – as well as a disruptive launch campaign that challenged the status quo in the market and positioned West Monroe as a harbinger of positive change.

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