Zelis Healthcare

Uniting four healthcare technology players under a new, unified brand rooted in passion  

The combination of four leading players in the fast-growing healthcare payment technology space positioned the new entity to become a healthcare IT powerhouse. But to realize its potential, the newly formed company, Zelis, needed an identity that reflected the shared strengths of the individual companies while laddering up to a united and compelling offering for its clients. Built around the concept of “Experience Zelis,” the new brand’s name, voice, visual identity, and extensive digital touchpoints all reflect the company’s passion for providing the best client experience possible.

zelis brand logo with woman smiling
Zelis desktop and mobile web page

Equipping a sales force to drive growth.

With a richer story to tell and a greater suite of products to sell, the sales team needed a new framework for reapproaching the marketplace and helping its clients and prospects “Experience Zelis.” Through training sessions and workshops, the sales team gained a full understanding of the newly expanded marketplace, which includes payers, providers and patients, and acquired new ways to target its full suite of solutions to the appropriate audience.

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Zelis entryway

A winning go-to-market playbook.

The new targeting and sales tools enabled the sales team to both show and tell the Zelis story. Empowered with a modular library of presentation slides, FAQs, an objection toolkit, and a competitive landscape analysis, the sales team can now effectively and consistently communicate its united value proposition to prospects and clients.

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Zelis was formed by the combination of 4 leading healthcare payments technology companies