Zelis Healthcare

Uncovering the true growth-driver for a healthcare tech pioneer.

The combination of four leading players in the fast-growing healthcare payment technology space positioned the new entity to become a healthcare IT powerhouse. But to realize its potential, the newly formed company needed a story that reflected the shared strengths of the individual companies while laddering up to a united and compelling value proposition for payers, providers and patients.

People, not technology make the difference.

Research revealed that while clients appreciated the company’s unique technology and proven methodology, the true driver of client loyalty was the over-and-above service commitment of the company’s people. Put simply: working with the company transformed an arduous, complex process into a rewarding and even enjoyable experience. This finding was confirmed in interviews and workshops with company leadership.

The Zelis Experience.

The new company name, Zelis, reflects to the fervent enthusiasm shared by clients and employees alike. Built around the concept of “Experience Zelis,” the new brand reflects the company’s passion for providing the best client experience possible, while pursuing solutions that help their clients capture value every day.


Zelis was formed by the combination of 4 leading healthcare payments technology companies