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Brand Cohesion


Why Focus is So Important for Building Brands (and Businesses)

Every morning before my coffee hits and my mood improves, I shuffle onto a crowded, Manhattan-bound L train. More often than not, at least one of my fellow passengers is an ad from ConEd bearing its campaign line cum tag line “Everything Matters.” And every time I see “Everything Matters” plastered next to a…


The Curious Case of Yahoo’s (Missing) Identity

A lot has been written about the ‘prolonged demise’ of Yahoo. In short, the internet company has suffered a tumultuous and tiring 22-year identity crisis. This was perhaps most famously crystalized in the leaked “Peanut Butter Manifesto,”an internal memo from 2006 that criticized the company for spreading itself too thin.

“If you’re…


M&A Check-List: Top 3 Priorities for Tech Marketers

According to Dealogic, the tech sector is seeing the highest levels of M&A activity since 2000.

The numbers are staggering. Globally, there have been 1,535 tech deals so far in 2016 (as of March 1), reaching $71.4 billion. This is up 53% from last year at the same time. In the…


‘Lumbering Giant’ or Game-Changer?

In a year marked by unprecedented M&A activity in the technology industry, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (once again) made headlines last week with its announcement of plans to spin-off its technology services operations and merge them with those of Computer Sciences.
Change is Never Easy
As Chief Executive Meg Whitman tells it, the…


The Great Divide: Brand Architecture vs. Information Architecture

In today’s digitally-driven B2B marketing environment, with easy access to information and all sorts of opinions, companies no longer control exactly where or when customers or prospects encounter their brand. And with over 74% of B2B buyers conducting the majority of their research online, it’s safe to say that all B2B brands…


Navigating Disruption in Financial Services: How Brand Can Help

Depending on your outlook, the financial services industry is either an incredibly scary or extremely exciting place to be right now. More than any other industry, financial services companies are facing a paradigm shift brought on by the perfect storm of digitalization, increased regulatory scrutiny and changing demographic profiles and preferences of both clients and…


Brand Dividends: Why Investors Should Be Part of Your Equation

We recently partnered with a fast-growing data analytics company. It had successfully leapfrogged larger, more established competitors by providing hand-on, high-touch, over-the-top customer service. Branding around this level of service was a no-brainer, right? Well, maybe not. The company was preparing to go public. High-touch service is a…


What Comes First: Brand or Culture?

It’s the classic chicken or egg. What comes first: brand or culture? Leadership teams often ask us this very question during rebranding initiatives. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, there are two critical questions that any leadership team must answer to understand the optimal relationship between brand and culture in their…


Selling a New Brand to the Sales Force

The toughest audience for your new brand may not be your long-time clients or future prospects. It may be your own sales force. Sales professionals can be a cynical lot. In many companies, the prevailing attitude is: Just give me a generous travel and entertainment budget, a few spec sheets, and lead-gen support…


Stronger Together: How Brand Drives M&A Success

According to the Harvard Business Review, “study after study puts the failure rate of mergers at somewhere between 70-90%.” More often than not, brand is not promoted or leveraged to provide unity, clarity and solidarity during this critical inflection point, yet brand can make all the difference between success and failure for the companies…


Have You Outgrown Your Acronym?

“What Does It Stand For?”
This was the question that plagued our client, a global consulting firm that had recently completed a series of transformational acquisitions. It was a question employees received anytime they met a new prospect or told someone where they worked. The company’s name was an acronym that stemmed from the…


Identity Issues: Why Brand Can’t Be Ignored During Corporate Break-Ups

Wall Street is buzzing with the recent announcement that Dow Chemical and DuPont have agreed to merge. The deal fuses two of the oldest companies in the US into a chemical behemoth that will likely reshape the chemical and agricultural industries. In a restructuring twist, the companies have said they will ultimately split into three…


Amid Rapid Consolidation, Has Healthcare Lost Its Human Touch?

Today, Pfizer and Allergan announced plans to merge, creating the world’s biggest drug maker by sales and adding to the growing list of inversion deals: American companies moving to a foreign country to take advantage of lower corporate tax rates. That this merger would be the largest inversion ever is fitting at the tale…


Internal Branding Campaigns: Why Success Starts With Research

We recently found ourselves in the following conversation:

Client: We need to engage employees in our company’s new mission. We need your help with the execution of the communications campaign. We already have the positioning and messaging. The CEO wrote it.

DB: Oh, that’s great. What kind of research was conducted in developing…


Brand Behavior: Does Your Company Walk the Walk?

Picture this. You’re sitting at your desk flipping through a small stack of mail. Most of it is publications, but there are a few direct mail letters, and one is from a bank. You recognize the name: they’ve just bought your business bank and you pass the building with the new, prominently displayed…


Closing the Knowledge Gap: The Unifying Power of a Corporate Brand

One logo does not always translate to one cohesive brand. One of our clients, a global management consulting firm, learned this first hand. After a series of acquisitions and internal restructuring, management was focused on creating a “one firm” mentality, hoping to create synergies across a diverse array of practice areas that would lead to…


Envisioning Your Brand: Unlocking the Power of Visual Cues

The ironic thing about your brand’s image is that you can’t actually see it. Image as it relates to your brand is a metaphor, an idea meant to conjure up the assured sense of truth that comes with witnessing something concrete (and hopefully positive) with your own eyes. Your customers can’t see loyalty, trust, or any other quality, but an effective brand strategy can help them make the connection. First though, you’ll need to learn to see these qualities yourself.