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Fonts Matter

Dear Google, Apple, Adobe and Microsoft,
You may not know me, but I was created with great care and purpose. Every image, hue and letter. I am special. I have meaning.

I live in hearts and minds, in words and actions, in websites and ad campaigns and brochures. But mostly frequently, I live in Word…


Great Expectations: Why Customer Experience Should be Brand-Driven, Not Technology-Driven

It’s a topic on the mind of every B2B marketer these days: customer experience, that elusive moving target. Specifically, how to meet customer expectations when, as a brand, you are competing against every (predominantly digital) interaction your customers have ever had.

For many B2B marketers, keeping up with customers, not competitors, has become their…


Is Simple Always Smart?

A leading energy consulting firm had a proprietary methodology for significantly reducing energy costs (think seven-figure savings, each year). Though the company’s proprietary solution was extremely powerful, it was communicated in such a seemingly straightforward manner, that many prospective clients thought – mistakenly –they could build a comparable energy-savings program on their own…


Audio Whitepaper: Selling To The C-Suite

They are the holy grail of B2B marketing: C-suite executives who open the doors, make the decisions and write the checks. And they are increasingly difficult to reach through conventional marketing channels. The key to getting inside is providing executives with something they need but can’t get elsewhere: relevant content.

In this audio…


The Great Divide: Brand Architecture vs. Information Architecture

In today’s digitally-driven B2B marketing environment, with easy access to information and all sorts of opinions, companies no longer control exactly where or when customers or prospects encounter their brand. And with over 74% of B2B buyers conducting the majority of their research online, it’s safe to say that all B2B brands…


Keeping Up With Your Customers

In today’s digitally-driven, increasingly disruptive B2B landscape, creating sustainable advantage is more elusive than ever. In fact, the sheer pace of change has left many B2B marketers feeling like they are in a perpetual state of catch-up (there are entire conferences devoted to this pursuit). And it’s not just the up…


Short vs. Long-Form Content: What Really Wins the Day?

We’ve written before about the content conundrum currently facing many B2B brands. The proliferation of content as a marketing tool has led to one of its main challenges: in a marketplace where every brand is a publisher, how can your content stand out? Add into the mix our collective shrinking attention span and preference…


The Rise of the Millennial B2B Buyer

We’ve all seen the stats. By 2020, the U.S. workforce will flip from 50 percent baby boomers and 25 percent millennials to 25 percent baby boomers and 50 percent millennials. It’s hard (and foolhardy) to ignore the fact that millennials are shaping the B2B buying environment — and their influence will only increase…


Selling a New Brand to the Sales Force

The toughest audience for your new brand may not be your long-time clients or future prospects. It may be your own sales force. Sales professionals can be a cynical lot. In many companies, the prevailing attitude is: Just give me a generous travel and entertainment budget, a few spec sheets, and lead-gen support…


Branding for the Next Billion: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Have you ever put on a favorite sweater or jacket, looked in the mirror and thought, with a sinking feeling, It’s just not working for me anymore? The garment’s the same. It’s you that’s changed.

So it is with a brand. The brand that got your company to its current level…


Are You a Thought Leader or a Thought Follower?

This was the question raised in a recent Forbes articles. And it’s an important one, especially for professional services firms for which “thought leadership is one of the most powerful methodologies for generating new business opportunities.” Talk about ROI! It’s no wonder professional services firms have collectively become content powerhouses.
The Content Conundrum…


Introducing The Best New Addition To Your Sales Force: Clients

We recently partnered with a healthcare cost management company looking to redefine themselves in an industry fraught with systemic change in reimbursement models, regulations, compliance and more. Their customers were struggling to stay above water through all of this dynamic change and relied on strong vendor relationships to ensure business continued to function efficiently.



The Anatomy of a Hit

Marketers today are obsessed with metrics. From open rates, likes and downloads to cost per lead, cost per follower and cost per click, we’re always looking the right KPIs and the most effective way to determine success.

That’s why we were thrilled to find the Wall Street Journal’s interactive exploration of how…


Watch, Listen, Read & Play: The Most Inspiring Content from 2015

One of the best aspects of working in an office as integrated and multidisciplinary as ours is the cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives. From strategists and designers to programmers and producers, no two people think the same way. We asked our eclectic team to share their favorite content from the year. What they came…


Who Owns the B2B Customer Journey?

The Age-Old Debate
A number of interesting reports came out this year that examine the B2B buyer journey. In one way or another, each weighs in on the seemingly unavoidable tug-of-war between marketing and sales. Who owns the customer journey? Who is more influential in the customer experience?

Depending on which report…


Is There Enough Customer in Your Content Strategy?

In today’s content-driven B2B marketing landscape, a compelling, user-centric content strategy can be a brand’s most powerful tool for connecting with prospects and clients. To be truly effective, a content strategy must be based on a clear understanding of and alignment to specific customer needs and consumption preferences throughout their decision…


Launching a New Product? Think Beyond The Ad Campaign

Earlier this year we helped a top-10 ETF firm launch an innovative new investment product. From the beginning, it was clear the firm’s leadership saw an ad campaign as the means to an effective launch. During our initial conversations, they wanted to jump right into creative concepts. That might have been the right…


B2B Marketing: Why Content is the New Creative

A revolution is brewing in the world of B2B marketing. Lack of differentiation, fragmented media, complex regulation and brutal competition has turned decision making into a Rubik’s Cube for corporate buyers of enterprise products and services. This whitepaper examines how smart marketers are leveraging content to break through the clutter and make meaningful connections with customers and prospect.