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Branding in the Healthcare Industry


Brand Dividends: Why Investors Should Be Part of Your Equation

We recently partnered with a fast-growing data analytics company. It had successfully leapfrogged larger, more established competitors by providing hand-on, high-touch, over-the-top customer service. Branding around this level of service was a no-brainer, right? Well, maybe not. The company was preparing to go public. High-touch service is a…


What Comes First: Brand or Culture?

It’s the classic chicken or egg. What comes first: brand or culture? Leadership teams often ask us this very question during rebranding initiatives. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, there are two critical questions that any leadership team must answer to understand the optimal relationship between brand and culture in their…


Why Purpose Matters for Growing Companies

In business, growth is more than important – it’s essential. But chasing annual revenue and profit goals, whether by building upon existing relationships or expanding into new markets, can sometimes come at the expense of a company’s core position in the marketplace: its brand.

We recently partnered with a healthcare technology company who was…


Stronger Together: How Brand Drives M&A Success

According to the Harvard Business Review, “study after study puts the failure rate of mergers at somewhere between 70-90%.” More often than not, brand is not promoted or leveraged to provide unity, clarity and solidarity during this critical inflection point, yet brand can make all the difference between success and failure for the companies…


Introducing The Best New Addition To Your Sales Force: Clients

We recently partnered with a healthcare cost management company looking to redefine themselves in an industry fraught with systemic change in reimbursement models, regulations, compliance and more. Their customers were struggling to stay above water through all of this dynamic change and relied on strong vendor relationships to ensure business continued to function efficiently.



Amid Rapid Consolidation, Has Healthcare Lost Its Human Touch?

Today, Pfizer and Allergan announced plans to merge, creating the world’s biggest drug maker by sales and adding to the growing list of inversion deals: American companies moving to a foreign country to take advantage of lower corporate tax rates. That this merger would be the largest inversion ever is fitting at the tale…


Is Your Brand Disruptor-Proof?

It’s not easy being a market leader, or even an established player, these days. Once upon a time, if you had a dominant market position you could count on holding the lead for years, if not decades. Pesky start-ups might nip at your heels, but it would be years until they had the…


The Brand Supplement: When Hospitals Invest, Branding Improves ROI

Hospitals today are investing billions of dollars: purchasing, acquiring, merging, integrating, upgrading, all with the goal of improving patient care at an affordable cost. But to get the most out of these investments – to connect with patients, healthcare professionals, and the communities they serve – hospitals must invest in, and leverage, one of their most important business assets: their brand.


Healthy Investments: Why Hospitals Need to Spend to Save

Hospitals, facing the need to provide quality care to more people at an affordable cost, are changing business strategies, striving to stay competitive – and solvent – as they encounter rapidly changing regulations. The Affordable Care Act is certainly one key factor driving the need for hospitals to invest in new technology and infrastructure while reducing costs…


To Drive Growth, Benefits Consultants Must Rethink Their Brands

The benefits consulting industry is at an interesting inflection point: with the unrolling of the Affordable Care Act and the extension of services to include private health care exchanges, the sector is rapidly expanding, growing in both size and complexity. From a brand strategy perspective, this creates an interesting challenge, and opportunity. After all, firms…


Mission Critical: Aligning Pharma Brands with CSR

Pharma companies are especially active when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). According to The Foundation Center’s “Key Facts on Corporate Foundations” Report, the pharmaceutical industry held the second largest share of corporate foundation giving (at 15.2%) in 2009, surpassed only by the banking and financing industry (at 21.6%).

Many of…


Why Does a Biotech Company With No Products on the Market Need a Corporate Brand?

Just check the last ten drugs approved by the FDA: most are the result of partnerships between small biotech companies and much larger pharmaceutical companies. The Wall Street Journal recently covered the partnership between Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and a small biotech firm, Medarex, that created a successful melanoma drug. This collaboration is only one…


Is it Time for Pharma to Focus on Corporate Branding?

The pharma industry is at a decisive inflection point.

The New York Times reported last year that drug firms are likely to face billions of dollars in losses due to the pending expiration of numerous patents. Furthermore, the legitimacy of pharma brands and their products has been questioned by recent news of research firms falsifying…