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The Curious Case of Yahoo’s (Missing) Identity

A lot has been written about the ‘prolonged demise’ of Yahoo. In short, the internet company has suffered a tumultuous and tiring 22-year identity crisis. This was perhaps most famously crystalized in the leaked “Peanut Butter Manifesto,”an internal memo from 2006 that criticized the company for spreading itself too thin.

“If you’re…


Great Expectations: Why Customer Experience Should be Brand-Driven, Not Technology-Driven

It’s a topic on the mind of every B2B marketer these days: customer experience, that elusive moving target. Specifically, how to meet customer expectations when, as a brand, you are competing against every (predominantly digital) interaction your customers have ever had.

For many B2B marketers, keeping up with customers, not competitors, has become their…


Is It Time for Cyber Security Brands to Leave the Battlefield?

Look around any security technology tradeshow and you’ll feel more like you’re in a national security event than a business technology conference. Military images, dark, ominous colors, and foreboding language from vendors that all convey the same message: You’re not safe, and you need us to protect you.
Be Afraid. Be Very…


M&A Check-List: Top 3 Priorities for Tech Marketers

According to Dealogic, the tech sector is seeing the highest levels of M&A activity since 2000.

The numbers are staggering. Globally, there have been 1,535 tech deals so far in 2016 (as of March 1), reaching $71.4 billion. This is up 53% from last year at the same time. In the…


Is Simple Always Smart?

A leading energy consulting firm had a proprietary methodology for significantly reducing energy costs (think seven-figure savings, each year). Though the company’s proprietary solution was extremely powerful, it was communicated in such a seemingly straightforward manner, that many prospective clients thought – mistakenly –they could build a comparable energy-savings program on their own…


‘Lumbering Giant’ or Game-Changer?

In a year marked by unprecedented M&A activity in the technology industry, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (once again) made headlines last week with its announcement of plans to spin-off its technology services operations and merge them with those of Computer Sciences.
Change is Never Easy
As Chief Executive Meg Whitman tells it, the…


Brand Dividends: Why Investors Should Be Part of Your Equation

We recently partnered with a fast-growing data analytics company. It had successfully leapfrogged larger, more established competitors by providing hand-on, high-touch, over-the-top customer service. Branding around this level of service was a no-brainer, right? Well, maybe not. The company was preparing to go public. High-touch service is a…


What Comes First: Brand or Culture?

It’s the classic chicken or egg. What comes first: brand or culture? Leadership teams often ask us this very question during rebranding initiatives. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, there are two critical questions that any leadership team must answer to understand the optimal relationship between brand and culture in their…


Why Purpose Matters for Growing Companies

In business, growth is more than important – it’s essential. But chasing annual revenue and profit goals, whether by building upon existing relationships or expanding into new markets, can sometimes come at the expense of a company’s core position in the marketplace: its brand.

We recently partnered with a healthcare technology company who was…


Short vs. Long-Form Content: What Really Wins the Day?

We’ve written before about the content conundrum currently facing many B2B brands. The proliferation of content as a marketing tool has led to one of its main challenges: in a marketplace where every brand is a publisher, how can your content stand out? Add into the mix our collective shrinking attention span and preference…


Stronger Together: How Brand Drives M&A Success

According to the Harvard Business Review, “study after study puts the failure rate of mergers at somewhere between 70-90%.” More often than not, brand is not promoted or leveraged to provide unity, clarity and solidarity during this critical inflection point, yet brand can make all the difference between success and failure for the companies…


Audio Whitepaper: Technology Branding

A brand is a brand is a brand. And then there are technology brands. While other industries face new competitors, technology companies face disruptors – companies that completely alter the competitive landscape and threaten the very survival of legacy players.

Technology companies that embrace their brand as an articulation of the promise that they deliver through…


Words At Work

We are constantly amazed by the power of words, especially when it comes to employee engagement. Seemingly small tweaks in language can lead to meaningful changes in employee perceptions, morale and even behavior. In fact, according the WSJ, new cognitive science studies show that language “profoundly influences how we see the world…It turns out…


Introducing The Best New Addition To Your Sales Force: Clients

We recently partnered with a healthcare cost management company looking to redefine themselves in an industry fraught with systemic change in reimbursement models, regulations, compliance and more. Their customers were struggling to stay above water through all of this dynamic change and relied on strong vendor relationships to ensure business continued to function efficiently.



Innovation: Show Don’t Tell

If we had to sum up B2B branding in 2015, we would do it with one word: innovation. It has been a recurring theme in almost every one of our conversations with B2B companies in recent months. From the CMO to the CEO, B2B executives have been laser-focused on building brands that convey innovation…


Don’t Try to Fit In—Find Out What Makes You Stand Out

We recently went through a branding project with a client in the tech industry, whose tablet-based application boasted extreme ease of use and accessibility. The client was adamant about establishing ‘usability’ as a core component of its brand. We’ve heard this argument before, especially from clients in the tech space who feel the…


Branding Outside the Box: Avoid the Jargon Pitfall

Language is a critical component of any brand. The words you use to describe your company, your offering, your clients and even your own people can have a profound impact on how key audiences think about your firm.

We were reminded of the impact that language can have during a recent rebranding project for one…