A challenger brand targets accelerated growth.

Bitwise is a data and analytics consulting firm with an onsite/offshore delivery model. Its clients include several of the world’s largest and most data-intensive companies. As the rate of consolidation in its space intensified in recent years, Bitwise needed a brand that could enable it to compete against much larger, more established competitors. Although the company was well regarded for its high level of service and expertise, this message wasn’t resonating in a noisy category in which these attributes were considered table stakes.

Different. Better. Bitwise.

In interviews, clients indicated that what they valued most in a data and analytics partner was insights into the future of the field; more than anything they feared being left behind and out of date. At the same time, what they appreciated most about Bitwise was the company’s focus; while larger competitors offered a soup-to-nuts suite of services, Bitwise concentrated on those few core solutions in which it could be best in class. The expertise of its people, including their long tenure with the company in a field noted for its high turnover, was also broadly acknowledged. These advantages were captured in a brand that emphasized how Bitwise was different – its focus, commitment to sharing insights with clients, and employer-of-choice culture – and how it is better – the expertise, quality service and business value created by its differentiated advantages. The new brand also reflects how Bitwise is different – and better – through a content strategy that delivers the firm’s insights and proprietary ideas to IT buyers throughout their customer journey, from initial consideration though final decision.

Taking on the global leaders.

The new Bitwise brand and content-centered marketing strategy are helping the company make inroads against the handful of global players who dominate the field. By emphasizing how they are different from – and better than – their larger rivals, rather than trying to prove that they’re “just as good,” Bitwise is connecting with IT decision makers, influencers and buyers who are themselves seeking a “different” approach to turning their data into a more valuable corporate asset.