Rebranding a technology pioneer to confront market disruptors.

Once known solely for its ubiquitous point-of-sale devices, payments technology leader Verifone had expanded its offering to include a broad array of hardware, software and services. Along the way the company made dozens of acquisitions in multiple countries, resulting in a multitude of subsidiary brands. Facing a rising tide of market disruptors, Verifone needed a cohesive and consistent brand platform that could communicate a powerful value proposition to the world’s top merchants, banks and resellers.

It’s not about the box. It’s about the people behind the box.

While competitors focused on the features and functionality of their products, research revealed that customers were more interested in how payments technology could help them grow their business. But they were unsure where the industry was headed and lacked a roadmap for how to invest. In this marketplace, Verifone had a unique advantage: the knowledge and problem-solving strength of its people, who had long been a trusted resource to the world’s largest retailers and financial institutions. The new brand is built on the ability of Verifone’s engineers and product developers to transform payments technology from a cost of doing business to a driver of growth and profitability.

A leader accelerates momentum.

The new brand was launched through a globally synchronized marketing campaign and employee engagement program. In the first year, the new brand contributed to a double-digit increase in market cap and energized Verifone’s worldwide salesforce. Customers increasingly view the people of Verifone as long-term, collaborative partners in navigating the future of commerce.