Law Firm Branding

Not long ago, law firms didn’t need to worry about their brand. Even the largest firms were closely associated with individual partners—often, the founding “name” partners.

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Leveraging brand to reflect and sustain a law firm’s rapid growth.

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These individuals were the brand. But as law firms have grown and diversified their practices, and as founding partners have moved on, even the best-known law firms are at risk of getting lost in a sea of sameness. While individual “rain-makers” can still attract new business, no law firm wants its future to rest on the reputation, or tenure, of one or two individuals.

With so many law firms operating under almost identical business models and client experiences, a law firm brand must represent the collective expertise and reputation of the entire firm, so that it stands for something “bigger” and more enduring than any one person, practice, or office location.

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