Professional Services Branding

The B2B professional services industry is consolidating at an unprecedented pace, as firms combine strategy, technology and implementation services into a comprehensive offering. Only a cohesive professional services brand that communicates a single, powerful value proposition can unite all that a firm does and deliver a compelling rationale for working with one firm across multiple service areas.


Infusing a legal brand with ingenuity to communicate its true difference in the marketplace.

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Insights on Professional Services Branding

Creating a Differentiated Professional Services Brand

Tried-and-true messages are no longer enough to attract attention and create differentiation in professional services. The answer is simple: create a brand.

Closing the Knowledge Gap: The Unifying Power of Brand

A common challenge for many professional services firms, or really any firm selling multiple products, services, and departments is a lack of knowledge between verticals. Here’s how to overcome this major impediment to successful synergies.

Creating Consistency in Professional Services Branding

To be successful, a brand needs to be expressed consistently across all internal and external touchpoints. Coherence is critical to establishing a well-defined brand and eliminating confusion in the marketplace.