Professional Services Branding

The B2B professional services industry is consolidating at an unprecedented pace, as firms combine strategy, technology and implementation services into a comprehensive offering. Only a cohesive professional services brand that communicates a single, powerful value proposition can unite all that a firm does and deliver a compelling rationale for working with one firm across multiple service areas.

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Leveraging brand to reflect and sustain a law firm’s rapid growth.

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Insights on Professional Services Branding

Brand as a Consensus-Builder for Professional Services Firms

Unfortunately, having one logo does not translate to one cohesive brand. This is all too true for many professional services firms, where the sheer size and scope of the organization often leads to internal silos and makes a “one firm” mentality difficult to achieve. This is where brand can help: by uniting a firm’s disparate offerings into a single, compelling value proposition, a professional services company can break down internal barriers, rally all internal departments and employees around one compelling message, and, in turn, build external credibility.

Management Consulting and the Power of Brand

In a rapidly changing market, could brand be a management consulting firm’s most important asset? Management consulting organizations are expanding their offerings as they strive to meet the increasing demands for technology, digitization, and implementation versus traditional strategy services. Brand can play a critical role in this complex and evolving marketplace, particularly for mid-size firms striving to establish their place. We explore these and other issues in our Brand Influence Guide for Management Consulting.

From Forgettable to Unforgettable: Standing out in the Professional Services Space

You’re probably used to hearing these words from professional services firms: “client-focused,” “global,” “results-driven,” “experience” – the list goes on. In a field as crowded and competitive as professional services, finding a unique brand position isn’t easy, and it can be tempting to fall back on tried-and-true ideas. But in today’s skeptical, fee-sensitive climate, there’s nothing “safe” about an undifferentiated brand. Me-too branding may secure a seat at the table, but only a truly unique brand will ensure a winning hand.