Thornton Tomasetti

Propelling a powerhouse engineering firm’s offering with an authentic, ambitious brand  

Thornton Tomasetti had expanded well beyond its roots as a structural engineering firm, solving problems for everything from forensics and disaster preparedness to life sciences. The organization was struggling to explain what tied all of its practices together and shake the perception it was just a structural engineering firm. With a clear and audacious goal – to be the global driver of change and innovation in the industry – Thornton Tomasetti needed a brand that expressed not only who it was today, but also what it would deliver on tomorrow.

When others say no, Thornton Tomasetti says "Here's How?"

We found that Thornton Tomasetti stood out in its industry with a unique mindset that embraced change and that the firm’s culture attracted people with the drive to tackle any challenge they faced.

This culture of innovators enables Thornton Tomasetti to say “yes” to projects that others shy away from, helping clients achieve bold goals. Inspired by this insight, the evolved brand was built around the concept of “Here’s How,” a mindset that sees every challenge as an opportunity to redefine possible.

To complement the strategic platform, we employed a new visual language that revealed the “how” behind the firm’s solutions and designed a new immersive website that shared the full Thornton Tomasetti story, well beyond structural engineering.

Activating the new brand

Following a road show and brand ambassador training workshops, the evolved brand has been enthusiastically embraced by the company’s leadership and employees alike.

The “Here’s How” messaging and reframing of the organization’s offerings has also been resonating with clients—as evidenced by increased client conversations on, and web traffic towards, the practice areas beyond structural engineering.