Technology & Software Branding

In the hyper-competitive tech industry, today’s hot innovation is tomorrow’s commodity. As B2B tech buying decisions move beyond the CIO to the CMO, CFO and even the CEO, a compelling and cohesive technology or software branding strategy can transcend commoditization.


Rebranding a technology pioneer to confront market disruptors.

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Insights on Technology Branding

Principles for Successful Technology Branding

Technology and software brands are unique. While other industries face new competitors, tech companies face disruptors – companies that completely alter the landscape and threaten the very survival of legacy players. In the face of such staunch competition, tech players must position themselves for long-term success by embracing their brand as an expression of broad-based quality and integrity that transcends individual products or services.

Leaving the Warzone Behind in Cybersecurity Messaging

Cybersecurity continues to evolve, with data breaches and cyberattacks becoming so prevalent that enterprises realize that it’s no longer if it’s going to happen to them, but when. Even so, security brands seem to be stuck in the past, with military images, dark, ominous colors, and foreboding language conveying fear-based messaging. Enterprises are looking to understand what can be achieved beyond protection, so it’s time for brands to leave the war zone behind.

How to Position Your Technology Brand in a Decentralized B2B Buying Environment

Nearly every functional area of the modern enterprise has a role in major B2B technology and software decisions. So how can one brand be relevant to a broad group of decision-makers while also resonating powerfully – and specifically – with each individual? The answer is bigger than finding a catchphrase or tagline. While the brand must attract attention at a high level, it also needs audience-specific messaging to stand up under deeper levels of scrutiny.