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Have you enhanced your professional services model with digital components? Maybe you’ve incorporated an app, chat bot, and digital subscription covering your most basic services. You may feel like it’s a revolutionary transformation that your customers will be thrilled to know about and use. But it’s not that cut-and-dry.

There are numerous marketable benefits to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) transformation, but those benefits can differ from traditional professional services benefits. How far into SaaS you venture can inform the level of branding tweaks your firm may need. Our newest resource guide Professional Services Branding & the Great (SaaS) Migration overviews these branding challenges and solutions around melding professional services with SaaS.

To succeed in digital transformation, you need to understand that:

  • Your level of commitment to SaaS transformation affects the claims you make about scalability and convenience. Some legacy companies have learned this lesson the hard way by claiming their businesses were SaaS-centric to compete with more agile start. Too often, however, these firms’ use of the SaaS term was misleading at best.
  • Promises that promote digital services often contradict brand promises surrounding traditional professional services. One is easy, low cost, and DIY while the other is high-touch, premium, and relationship-driven. Can the two be reconciled? Absolutely. Your customers crave each in different ways. But it takes a thoughtful brand strategy for it to resonate without sending a confusing message.
  • Your customers may not need to know about every digital component you adopt as you adopt it to make their transactions better. That’s the beauty of technology. It can work behind the scenes to help your hallmark services run smoother, faster, and better. So how do you decide which digital components deserve fanfare with separate branding or sub-branding and which don’t need a call out? Our guide can help. Showcasing each offering as they’re incorporated with no clear vision on how they connect to the brand or to each other can lead to utter confusion.

If you’re like most professional services firms undergoing it, your digital transformation will be neither complete nor quick. You may not pivot completely to a SaaS model, and the changes you do make will be incremental. This can complicate how each of your stakeholders — from your customers to your leaders and employees — respond to the changes. Download Professional Services Branding & the Great (SaaS) Migration for a quick four-step roadmap to build a strong brand transition that makes sense for all involved.