No brand lasts forever, no matter how strong or well-known it might be. Every brand needs to evolve – or even be replaced – as the organization it represents changes over time. It must also adapt to external developments, such as new competitive threats, demographic shifts, or technology disruptions.

How can you determine if it’s time to evolve – or replace – your firm’s brand? Here are six key questions to ask.

Do we look dated?

What seemed cutting edge just a few years back can look dull and tired today. Take a look at some of the brands you admire, within the legal field and beyond. How does your brand stack up? What message does your color palette, photography choices, and even typography send? Do they reflect who you are today?

Do we sound like every other firm?

As important as the way you look is the way you come across in the words you use to describe your firm. Are you falling back on tired phrases like “client centric” and “trust and transparency?” Have you found a way to communicate what truly sets you apart?

Are we resonating with talented recruits?

The competition for top legal talent is fierce … and growing more intense each year. Your brand needs to communicate not only why you’re the right firm for prospective clients, but also why you’re the right firm for talented attorneys and staff.

Are we speaking with one voice?

Too often, attorneys from various practices describe the firm in different ways. This is a missed opportunity to establish and reinforce a single brand that builds “brand equity” at every communications touchpoint.

Have we recently merged?

Consolidation among law firms is accelerating. A strong, consolidated brand is key to realizing the full potential of the merger. If you’ve recently merged, it’s vital to find the DNA that runs through both firms and use it as a foundation on which to build a single, unifying brand.

Has your firm evolved?

Perhaps you’ve launched a new practice.  Entered a new geography. Made several high-profile hires. These developments can often change the culture of a firm, bring it face-to-face with new competitors, and make existing communications obsolete. Failure to evolve your brand to keep up with the firm itself will result in dissonance that confuses and even alienates clients … and potentially your own people.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to take a hard look at your firm’s brand. Our new eBook, Standing Out: The Case for Law Firm Branding, explains how to create a compelling and differentiated brand. Download it for free today.

About the author

Seth Margolis

Seth Margolis is a Senior Strategy Director who has spearheaded branding efforts for financial services, professional services and technology companies, as well as for not-for-profit organizations.

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