DeSantis Breindel to Host Exclusive Live Webinar: “Find Your Wow: Bring Your B2B Brand to Life”

DeSantis Breindel will host an exclusive live webinar, “Find Your Wow: Bring Your B2B Brand to Life.” This webinar will explore service design and how it can enable B2B organizations to deliver an exceptional brand experience. The session will be presented in conjunction with Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O’Connell, co-authors of the acclaimed new book Woo, Wow, and Win: Service Design, Strategy, and the Art of Customer Delight.

The webinar will explore how service design can help B2B companies embed their brand at every stage of the client journey for a consistent, compelling brand experience. It will include a discussion of the principles of service design and delivery, the critical customer interactions that can make or break a brand, and the path for translating a brand into client satisfaction and loyalty.

“We hear again and again from our clients that one of their biggest challenges is bringing their brand to life,” said Howard Breindel, Co-CEO of DeSantis Breindel. “In the B2B space in particular, it’s more important than ever for organizations to deliver a coherent brand experience across all channels and touchpoints. Service design is a powerful tool to help organizations maximize the value of their brands at every step of the client journey.”

This webinar is free to attend, and will take place on Thursday, May 4, at 12pm ET. Webinar registrants will have the chance to win a free copy of Woo, Wow, and Win: Service Design, Strategy, and the Art of Customer Delight. The book shows how businesses of all kinds, in a wide variety of industries, are using service design to create memorable experiences for their clients and how you can, too. Beth Comstock, vice chair at GE, called it a “long overdue manual for using the cohesiveness and power of design thinking to optimize every interaction your business has with its customers.”

Learn more about the webinar here.

About DeSantis Breindel

DeSantis Breindel is the leading B2B branding and marketing agency based in New York. At critical inflection points, the agency works with companies to align brand and marketing strategy with business strategy – creating stories and experiences to engage customers, influence prospects, rally employees and inspire investors.

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