Getting the Right Message to Investors: New Whitepaper Offers Framework for Engaging Investors through Strategic Branding and Communications

In today’s complex and even hostile investor environment, a company can no longer rely on communicating financial performance and business strategy alone to connect with investors. Companies with an engaging investor relations story, or brand, have the advantage of delivering focused, consistent messages that lead to more powerful connections with investors.

Developing the investor relations brand, and the messaging around it, is the focus of a new whitepaper from B2B branding and marketing firm, DeSantis Breindel. The agency has worked with many clients who struggle with identifying when, and how, to develop investor messaging that aligns with their corporate brand. The new whitepaper provides guidance on when and how investor relations executives can leverage the corporate brand in investor communications to build more powerful connections with investors.

“We see many IR professionals focusing on the tools of communication – annual reports, investor presentations, website and videos.  But without an overarching story and consistent message, these tools are not nearly as effective as they can be,” said Howard Breindel, Co-Founder and Partner at DeSantis Breindel. “Brands are critical to creating lasting impressions in the mind of key audiences. Investors, like customers and prospects, are an audience that can be influenced by an effective brand, provided its communicated with consistency and impact. An investor brand integrates all communication tools and ensures that each tells the same story, delivered in the same voice.”

“In the current investor environment, it is more important than ever to be able to clearly articulate a company’s core value proposition in a focused, consistent way,” said Dru DeSantis, Co-Founder and Partner at DeSantis Breindel. “Incorporating strategic branding into investor relations can help a company get the right message to investors, and build more powerful connections.”

Read the full whitepaper here.