Employee Engagement

Great B2B brands are built from the inside out. Your marketing spend will never outweigh the impact of what your own employees think, say and do. Employees will work harder and smarter, and build longer-lasting relationships with clients and prospects, if they’re inspired by a clearly defined and articulated purpose.

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Insights on Employee Engagement

Using Brand as a Roadmap for Improving the Employee Experience

Think employee happiness is a separate issue from business success? Think again. To capitalize on the business potential of employee engagement, companies are exchanging the annual employee survey for an agile approach to improvement that enhances the employee experience in real time. With so much potential for change, brand should be used as a roadmap to help administrators and employees act on feedback in a purposeful, meaningful way.

How to Reduce Silos and Build External Credibility

A cohesive brand requires more than just a logo or a name; it requires a common purpose that unites employees at the strategic level. While this may be easier said than done for many companies that are large, complex, or have been formed through mergers and acquisitions, a strong brand with a single, compelling value proposition can unite even the most disconnected internal audiences around a common purpose. The result? Higher employee engagement, fewer silos, and better external credibility.

The Link Between B2B Branding and Culture

Is your company culture a roadblock to success? If so, branding will help, as it did for one leading global payments provider that learned through research that they had fallen behind on customer service in their quest to sell the latest and greatest to their clients. The solution? A new brand that built on values like collaboration, accountability, and customer centricity that were quickly embraced by employees and infused into the company culture.