Employee Engagement

Great B2B brands are built from the inside out. Your marketing spend will never outweigh the impact of what your own employees think, say and do. Employees will work harder and smarter, and build longer-lasting relationships with clients and prospects, if they’re inspired by a clearly defined and articulated purpose.


Infusing a legal brand with ingenuity to communicate its true difference in the marketplace.

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Insights on Employee Engagement

Closing the Knowledge Gap: The Unifying Power of a Brand

A common challenge for any firm selling multiple products, services, and departments is a lack of knowledge between verticals. Here’s how to overcome this major impediment to successful synergies.

Four Principles to Ensure Your B2B Brand and Culture Align

How can a B2B company ensure that its brand is supported by — and in turn supports — its culture? Four principles can to guide your brand and culture alignment.

An Agile Approach to Employee Engagement 

Can the agile principles that work so effectively in product innovation really be applied to the workforce? For companies that have tried it, the answer is a resounding “yes.”