Foundation / Nonprofit Branding

Donors today are seeking a more direct and personal connection to the nonprofits they support. Foundations increasingly seek to partner with other change-makers to effect lasting impact. A powerful nonprofit brand that showcases the work of an organization in a meaningful way can achieve such connections.


Positioning an innovative non-profit for its national debut with an engaging new brand.

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Insights on Nonprofit Branding

The Role of Culture in Creating a Strong Brand

B2B brands are built from the inside out, which is why it’s critically important for nonprofits to carefully consider the tone, voice, and rhetoric of brand communications they use with their most important brand ambassadors – their employees. Using words that reflect a unique company culture not only fosters positive perceptions and behaviors, but it can make it much easier for employees to communicate the brand value externally.

Thinking Beyond the Tagline

Of all the elements of a brand, the tagline may be one of the most misunderstood. Although many think that a tagline holds the magic formula for success, it’s usually not so simple. A tagline is only one single expression of a brand, and while it can be a powerful tool, it won’t do anything for your organization if it’s not backed by a strong and differentiated brand that provides greater meaning and context.

Does Your Brand Have Growth Potential?

“To rebrand or not to rebrand?” It’s a question we often hear from our clients. Even if your brand has worked well for you in the past, in our fast-moving world it may be time to re-evaluate. Maybe you need to connect with entirely new audiences. Maybe market forces have shifted. Or maybe you have an entirely new story to tell. Whatever the case may be, research is critical in order to make sure that your brand can take you to the next level of growth.