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Donors today are seeking a more direct and personal connection to the nonprofits they support. Foundations increasingly seek to partner with other change-makers to effect lasting impact. A powerful nonprofit brand that showcases the work of an organization in a meaningful way can achieve such connections.


Branding a fast-growing organization to appeal to donors, schools, communities, and recruits.

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Insights on Nonprofit Branding

Four Principles to Ensure Your Brand and Culture Align

How can a nonprofit ensure that its brand is supported by — and in turn supports — its culture? Four principles can ensure this synergy.

Strategic Storytelling: Using Video to Show Your Purpose 

The need for powerful storytelling has become a common refrain among nonprofit marketers as they think about how to better connect with audiences. With increasing opportunities for organizations and audiences to interact digitally, marketers know they need to find ways to cut through the noise and engage with audiences at a deeper level – and film is an increasingly important tool for doing just that.

Crowd Control: Three Ways to Crowdsource Without the Chaos

You might expect that crowdsourcing — seeking ideas, input or decisions from a large group of people — is an ideal way to involve customers and/or employees. But crowdsourcing can often backfire. To be sure crowdsourcing gives a positive result, establish “guide rails” to keep it in line with branding expectations.