Q1 2012 gold trophy

The “Best Content” series brings you a handful of the most thought-provoking and informative articles and webinars related to B2B professional services branding and marketing published over the last quarter, broken down into bite-size pieces for your convenience.

Case Studies: Social media

More and more professional services firms are implementing social media efforts as a way of increasing engagement and visibility. But as been said many times before, it isn’t enough to just make an account. A plan and strategy must be in place in order to maximize success, and more than that, a continual effort needs to be made to see results. This article from Accounting Today outlines the different social media strategies used by four different accounting firms as a means of gaining traffic, internal employee engagement, recruitment, and lead generation. Which social media platform is best for your firm’s objectives and what is the best way to ensure results? Read the article.

Content Marketing for Professional Services: Does it Cannibalize Your Business?
SEO integration and social media are becoming staples in the world of professional services marketing. But to be used effectively, it is essential to develop fresh and relevant content in relation to your company. How can a firm gain traction when implementing a content marketing strategy? Interacting directly with customers, attracting the right talent, and utilizing available technology are some key components to commencing an effective content marketing effort. Professional services firms must not only acknowledge the competition, but also tell “remarkable stories.” Quality content takes time and effort. When its consistent and compelling, it can be appealing regardless of the forum or channel. This article from the Content Marketing Institute outlines the myths, do’s and don’t’s of content marketing, starting with knowing your niche and your audience. Read the article.

Do Not Tempt Fate. Innovate
Innovation within the context of business connotes a sense of change for the better on every level in order to stay ahead of the curb and make your business stay relevant, prosperous, and cutting edge. A recent article published by Consulting Magazine discusses the importance of innovation, regardless of the state of a firm’s prosperity. This article highlights the importance of engaging employees in the process of idea generation and selection. Firms can do this through incentivizing and implementing an effective execution strategy. Employees should be utilized within a firm as a resource for ideas and creativity, rather than ignored and marginalized. Emphasis should be upon ideas being heard and evaluated rather than being kept a secret. Read the article.

Unraveling the riddle of SEO
Search Engine Optimization isn’t just a trend in standard internet practices-it’s a necessity. An article recently published in Accounting Today examines the ways in which professional service firms looking to be found online can ‘improve and increase its image.’ It reads, “A firms’ URLs should lead to a professional, well-mapped and informational Web site before management worries about increasing traffic.” Perfecting a website and making SEO tactics work in congruence with other business development plans is how professional services firms can gain leads. The article examines how to choose the proper keywords, create crisp and applicable copy, connect with influencers, and keep track of your results as all the ingredients to success in SEO. Read the article.