Brand Cohesion

Envisioning Your Brand: Unlocking the Power of Visual Cues

The ironic thing about your brand’s image is that you can’t actually see it. Image as it relates to your brand is a metaphor, an idea meant to conjure up the assured sense of truth that comes with witnessing something concrete (and hopefully positive) with your own eyes. Your customers can’t see loyalty, trust, or any other quality, but an effective brand strategy can help them make the connection. First though, you’ll need to learn to see these qualities yourself.

Beyond Colors and Fonts: Developing and Launching a Successful Literature System

As a company grows, its communication needs become more intricate. There’s the sales team, which needs a variety of sell sheets, updatable on the fly yet coordinated and professional looking. Human Resources plans to develop a recruitment packet for college job fairs. Customer Support needs product literature with detailed specs featuring lots of tables…

Building a Cohesive Technology Brand in a Decentralized B2B Buying Environment

n this post, we examine the third principle of branding technology firms, in our on-going series adapted from our chapter on building long-term value in a system-update world in the Brand Challenge.

The proliferation of all things digital has transformed technology from a nice-to-have to a must-have for consumers…

The One-Brand Challenge for the Multi-Fund Asset Manager

Today, many asset managers are facing a complex branding challenge. How can they develop a consistent and cohesive brand across multiple investment strategies? This topic came up over and over again. How do you find one brand that cuts across fixed income, multi-strategy, real estate, long-only, large cap, etc? Should you have one…

Integrated Marketing is No Longer Enough: Why B2B Brands Need to be Synchronized

In today’s connected marketing environment, where the conversation never ends and every message can link across platforms, the static Integrated Marketing model that has guided marketers for nearly 20 years needs to be upgraded to a less linear approach. Smart business marketers with high stakes riding on the success of their singular brand message reaching customers at all touch points ought to synchronize, not integrate, their marketing plans.

What’s in a Name (Change)?

Some firms change their names to signal a change in their company and brand, while others change their names as a response to a crisis situation. The latter is the case with SAC Capital, which announced on Tuesday that as of April 7th 2014, it will be known as Point72.

After being in a very…

Investor Communications and Your Corporate Brand: To Align or Not to Align?

In today’s complex and even hostile investor environment, a company can no longer rely on performance and strategy alone to connect with investors. Companies with an engaging investor relations brand have the advantage of delivering focused, consistent messages that lead to more powerful connections with investors.

A Fresh Look at the 4 “Ps” of CSR Communications

Achieving the right relationship between a company’s brand and its corporate social responsibility efforts is a delicate balancing act. Many companies struggle with identifying the appropriate equilibrium between altruism for its own sake and using altruism to support a company’s brand. When it comes to CSR-focused advertising, firms need to be especially…